News: “You Are Not Real Men”
Fri, 08 Jun 2012 18:30
News: “You Are Not Real Men”
The Downville Housemates spent the early evening engrossed in a lengthy debate over whether or not men are supposed to support their women financially in this day and age.

“You are not real men,” and “you are cheap,” those were the severe criticisms from the ladies of the StarGame home after the guys revealed that they did not see a need to provide for their women.

Jesica, Talia and Tamara went on to explain that despite being proudly independent women, they could never be with a man who could not provide for them because they would not be able to respect him.

“Don’t you feel emasculated?” Jesica enquired.
The lads defended themselves saying that times are changing and that women are now equal to men and should therefore be able to pay for themselves.

“What is more valuable two thousand cows or love?” asked Keagan. During the passionate debate it came to light that Keagan was once married. Wow, who knew…? We wonder what his ex-wife thinks of him locking lips with another man’s woman on national TV.

The girls also probed the guys on whether they would be willing to foot the bill for their woman’s racy undergarments. Jesica described buying a woman sexy lingerie as a great gesture of love. After this probing Keagan changed his tune and seemed keener of the prospect of playing ‘Mr Financier’ for his lady. The South African also admitted that while he was still married he would sometimes buy expensive gifts for his ex-wife.

Kyle on the other was against even the idea of buying a girl airtime. “I have to have known her for a certain period of time before I will be willing to spend my money on a woman,” said the Ugandan lad before adding that his resistance to open his wallet too quickly had nothing to do with being cheap or stingy but that he was being cautious to avoid being made a fool. He also admitted that once he has been in relationship for a long time then he would do anything for his woman because he is "a sucker for love". Awww sweet.

Do you agree with the girls of Downville is it a man’s duty to foot the bill for his lady to make her feel special?

Bills Bills Bills

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