News: Paranoia grips Oneza
Sun, 14 Jul 2013 22:42
News: Paranoia grips Oneza
Following the Evictions this evening, Oneal and Feza had a lot to talk about.

As Angelo dragged his luggage to the bedroom, Oneza engaged him about a particular element of tonight's Live Eviction Show. "Did you hear IK asking Pokello and Elikem about you and Beverly's kiss last night? Those two are telling Africa that you two did more than kissed".

Oneza are unaware that Pokello and Elikem were doing their own snogging while watching Angelo and Beverly kissing. "Pokello and Fatima pulled the same stunt on me. Now they are trying to say these things about you two and trying to send this message across to Africa", Feza said.

The conversation then went on to Sulu and Cleo, who Oneal said he has "bad vibes about". Seems everyone is a suspect as far as this cute couple is concerned. Later, Oneal revealed how difficult his Save and Replace had been. "It was really tough but I had to do it. I actually thought of doing what Melvin did by leaving the Nominations list as is, but I then decided to do otherwise", he said. It certainly is hard being Head of House.

The difficult 'Save and Replace' decision is normally the difference between someone's Chase ending, or steaming ahead like a runaway train. This week, Elikem was saved by the Head of House and Selly was put up in his place instead. Tonight, she was subsequently Evicted.

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- By Ngeti Dlamini

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