News: Post-Eviction tears
Sun, 14 Jul 2013 21:44
News: Post-Eviction tears
The mood was more than sombre in both the Ruby and Diamond Houses following tonight's dramatic Evictions.

As the reality of Natasha and Selly's emotional departure slowly sunk in, the Chasemates all went into separate corners to try and wrap their minds around what had just happened.

Beverly found a quiet spot in the garden and was later joined by Bimp. The Nigerian looked dazed as she stared into space. After a long, drawn out silence, tears started streaming down her face. "I'm depressed and I'm so scared. This is too much. I'm terrified of Nominating now", She said. "Making the Save and Replace decision is the toughest", Bimp said in solidarity.

Elikem, on the other hand, told Pokello how sad he is at Selly's departure. "I'm really not ready to think about what just happened to Salome", he said in a conversation with Zimbabwe's Pokello. Pokello also shared her fears concerning next week's Evictions. "I'm feeling the pressure. People in this house want me so bad. They will start gunning for me without a doubt", Pokello said.

The tears flow

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- By Ngeti Dlamini

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