News: Malonza and Junia Flirt
Wed, 06 Jun 2012 20:27
News: Malonza and Junia Flirt
There was subtle flirtation this evening between Kenya's Malonza and Namibia's Junia.

The two turned the temperature up a few notches in the kitchen, as their fellow Housemates busied themselves with supper. Malonza asked for Junia's take on sexiness. She cheekily told him she wouldn't give him an answer if he is not prepared to do anything about it. The two had a sexy back and forth, which finally was interrupted by Jesica's appearance.

Malonza and Junia gave Big Brother fans across Africa something to talk about when they shared a passionate kiss in the jacuzzi during their first night in the House. It would seem the two could be fanning the dead embers of what was once a promising romance. Malonza has been a slippery eel when it comes to love and relationships in the House.

He has maintained a friendly distance with the StarGame girls, despite a couple of them harbouring mini-crushes on him. Jannette is a prime example. The tiny Ugandan has tried but failed to snag the slippery Malonza.

Flirting up a storm

Are these two on the brink of a hookup? We’ll just keep an eye on them!

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