Task: Photocopy Art
Tue, 05 Jun 2012 13:00
Task: Photocopy Art
The Housemates had fun photocopying their body parts for a very unique collage.

For their first mini Task of 'Big Brother Gallery of Modern Art' Task week, the Housemates were required to use a photocopy machine and printer to make copies of their body parts and then print them for inclusion in portraits, set to be showcased during the Task Presentation on Thursday evening.

Big Brother suggested the Housemates think sex, instead of sexy for their portraits – prompting a lot of raised eyebrows and dirty banter. Biggie gave the Housemates leeway to photocopy any body part the Housemates choose, except the buttocks. "Housemates, you are not allowed to sit on the copier." Roki seemed disappointed by this statement, but then quickly decided it would be far cooler to photocopy his open eyes, despite the blinding copier light.

Once the photocopy machine was delivered, the Upvillers did not waste any time and fiddled with it until they had mastered it. Maneta and Roki even pulled a couple of poses and copied and printed some of their body parts.

We're a bit afraid to see what body parts we will be seeing on Task Presentation night.

Task fun

- NgettyD

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