Daybreak: Sombre Upville
Tue, 05 Jun 2012 09:12
Daybreak: Sombre Upville
The Upville morning exercise session was a lot more subdued than normal.

Not even Lady May's pink heels could add colour and life to a very dull morning. The Housemates definitely looked like they had a lot on their minds. Who can blame them after two of their own stunned Africa and were sent packing yesterday, after a massive brawl that turned physical. Zainab and DKB were disqualified from StarGame after a provocation on Zainab's part that culminated in DKB slapping her across across the face.

It seems the reality of yesterday's drama sunk in only this morning and became all too real. Last night, the House was quieter than normal with the stunned Upvillers shedding tears after the surreal moment. Everyone called it a night really early and there was absolutely no activity in the early hours of the morning, as the Housemates rested their weary emotions and prepared to go on without bubbly DKB and diva extraordinaire, Zainab.

The scheduled Monday Nominations were called off yesterday, after the mind-numbing incident.

How will the mood in the House be during the course of the afternoon? Will Upville get their fire back?

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