News: Will Luke & Seydou Wait for Them?
Tue, 05 Jun 2012 00:20
News: Will Luke & Seydou Wait for Them?
What happens when you fall in love in the Big Brother House and your partner leaves before? Talia and Jesica were bugged with a lot of "what ifs" at night as they speculated about the love lives they had started in the House.

Jesica started something "serious" with Luke in the House or so Luke would say and he told Biggie that he was determined to take it further with her after the show.

For Talia, it was a bit tricky because she and Seydou were stillgoing with the flow when he had to leave abruptly after his partner, Esperanca insisted on a voluntary exit.

Talia said though that it was important to try and make the relationship work because it wasn't forced but had come naturally.

The girls found solace in the fact that they had their man out there waiting for them but expressed concern about their loyalty towards them.

Meanwhile, a bit earlier Jannette, Malonza and Talia had been talking about possible strong characters that could have made it to Upville.

For some reason, Talia is nursing hope that her beau is also still in the game and was rather upgraded to Upville because he really wanted to continue with the game.

However, because StarGame is Double Up which means that Housemates entered Downville in pairs, Seydou was evicted with his partner, Esperanca.

Is This Love?

Are Luke and Seydou waiting for Jesica and Talia? What do you think?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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