Catch Up: Week 4
Sun, 03 Jun 2012 09:30
Catch Up: Week 4
Week 4 was probably the most dramatic week so far in StarGame. Apart from Mampi's Eviction, the Random Nomination in Downville brought tears to Angola's Esperanca. No, she wasn't nominated but her friends, Eve and Edith were. The Live Show kicked off with a performance by Tanzanian hip-hop artist, Diamond. An over-eager fan jumped on stage and started dancing with the singer, but was then escorted off by security.

Ghana's Keitta and Mildred were selected first then the Botswana sisters.

Though there were no Nominations in Upville, DKB and Roki had a heated argument. Late into the night the Zimbabwean muso started attacking DKB for joking about smoking teabags. Roki assumed that DKB was making fun of him and soon the two Upvillers were locked in a screaming match and DKB accused Roki of being insecure. It turned out the joke was not even about Roki, as his new BFF, Zainab pointed out. It’s good though that Roki apologised to DKB.

On Monday morning, Lady May decided on a new rule, banning the guys from the girls bedroom. This was after Roki had snuck into the girls’ room just to take a look at Maneta in her sleep. During the Upville Diary sessions, the House was divided into two on Mampi’s Eviction. There was Prezzo, DKB and Goldie who thought her departure was good riddance. Then there was Maneta, Barbz, Zainab, Lady May and Roki who felt she had left too soon.

However, the way things were going in Downville, it being apparent during the Diary sessions that if some pairs had it their way, they would play the game individually. From Seydou and Esperanca to the Zambian and Botswana sisters, Downville was slowly turning into Splitville.

Esperanca was threatening to exit StarGame while Seydou still wanted to stay on, Tamara felt that her sister was spending too much time with Seydou and was ignoring her. The sibling rivalry filtered through to the Eve and Edith who just couldn’t agree on anything during their Diary session.

Downville seemed to be consumed by the bad blood between the Angolan pair and the House was quickly divided. However, Jannette played both sides and kept both camps abreast on what was happening in the other.

Well, it didn’t help that the Housemates didn’t even have alcohol to drown their sorrows but Biggie came to their rescue on Monday evening and they addressed the alcohol rationing, as soon as they received their shopping.

Biggie dished out stiff punishment to the Downvillers for various transgressions. Edith, Keagan, Lee, Wati, Nafe and Alex were nabbed for smoking in the toilet. Seydou and his lady love Talia on the other hand, were punished for not wearing their microphones during their private chats at night.

The week’s Task, Coca-Cola Copa Cup brought football fever into StarGame and with dedication and skill, both Houses nailed their 100 percent Wagers.

However, things were not going well for Nigerian Starmate Goldie who had broken up with her beau, Prezzo. Actually, while having a brief conversation, Prezzo had referred to her as a good friend and Goldie lost it. She rushed to her bed, cried hard and threw up. Yes, she cried until she vomited but Prezzo had his eyes on Sierra Leonean model, Zainab.

Oblivious of the fact that Zainab was just toying with him, Prezzo started getting too serious about her and .

On Thursday, Seydou and Esperanca finally
left StarGame after much deliberation, begging and dilly-dallying. Talia took it the hardest as she had just lost her boyfriend and there was a lot of cursing and tears. However, by Friday night Talia was out of her shell and having the time of her life with the rest of the girls and the girls made a truce and lived happily ever after.

In another development, , cooing and batting her eyelashes at a baffled Malonza. Well, good move Jannette as Malonza is Week 5’s Head of House in Downville. In Upville, Barbz won HoH after both Houses were challenged to be “Mental Clocks” by guessing the amount of time they had spent out in the sun.

Meanwhile, it was Upville’s turn to enjoy the Saturday night party and this time they had Zambia’s DJ Len. The theme was Fairytale and the Upvillers brought their swag on to the dance floor.

So, Eve, Edith, Mildred and Keitta are up for possible Eviction tonight. Who do you think is leaving StarGame?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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