Diary: Cleo cries for Hakeem
Mon, 08 Jul 2013 19:12
Diary: Cleo cries for Hakeem
After Hakeem's shock Eviction last night, Cleo is trying to pick up the pieces.

Being separated from the one who holds your heart is never easy. This evening, sexy Zambian, Cleo, let her tears speak in the Diary Room as she tried to come to terms with her man's exit. With tears streaming down her face, Cleo broke down as she spoke about the wonderful times she and Hakeem shared in the Big Brother House.

After her Diary Session, the Zambian expressed as much, in a conversation with fellow Diamond Chasemates Bimp and Nando.

"I really miss Hakeem guys. I really do. So bad", she said. Bimp gave her an understanding smile and a reassuring pat on the hand, while Nando gave was a lot more philosophical about the situation. "So are you saying you want to be Nominated like him?" he asked.

These words from Nando are cryptic, considering how Cleo was a popular choice in the Diamonds Nomination Sessions this morning. The Zambian just might be following her man Hakeem home if she doesn't survive this Sunday's Evictions.

Cleo has constantly expressed her love for Hakeem, despite the problems the two lovebirds were faced with prior to Hakeem's Eviction. The Zimbabwean Housemate had already started doubting Cleo's feelings for him after a conversation with Fatima following one of the Channel O parties.

In a Diary Session with Big Brother, the Evicted hunk told Biggie flat out that he thinks Cleo's feelings weren't genuine. "I think it’s all part of the game. Fatima warned me that she could be doing this for the game", the Zimbabwean had said.

How will Cleo react when she finds out she just could be on the next flight home?

These tears

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- By Ngeti Dlamini

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