Live Updates: Day 43
Mon, 08 Jul 2013 17:50
Live Updates: Day 43
17:50 - "Feza and Pokello are too alike but Feza has seen life," Beverly to Nando.

16:01 - Beverly says as his bed-mate, Bimp respects what she's trying to create (referring to her relationship with Angelo).

15:50 - "I think Angelo is husband material for me," Beverly. She says a relationship won't stop her from "being me".

14:42 - "I feel like I'm at home. I'm so free here," Feza says of being the Diamond House.

14:35 - Feza says Elikem told her that Pokello doesn't like her (Feza). She calls the whole saga a "big mess".

14:25 - Bassey says the Diamonds planned the Saturday alcohol theft to the tee. Beverly had to distract Angelo - and she did.

14:15 - Cleo doesn't give away any emotions as she tells Biggie about losing her man to Evictions last night. However, she ends her session in tears.

14:00 - The Diamonds can't stop screaming as they go through their giant red Shoprite shopping bags - they always come stashed with goodies.
Shopping galore!
13:40 - Oneal and Elikem iron out the Feza-Swap issue. Elikem sings like a canary as he relates the events that led to his decision to kick her out.

13:32 - Sulu says making it to the halfway mark is "definitely not based on my looks."

13:25 - Natasha says she doesn't take kindly on Elikem calling her a witch.

13:10 - Elikem says Feza is the one that wanted to move out of Ruby at the beginning of the week and he only made it happen.

12:55 - "I have a feeling that Beverly doesn't like me," Selly says. "Some girls wish they were in my shoes. It's not my fault that I'm sexy and boys like me."

12:50 - "There is need and longing for companionship in the House," Oneal says.

12:43 - Oneal talks about how disgusted he was when the Diamonds stole their alcohol. He also analyses his relationship with Feza.

According to Oneal!

12:37 - Pokello says Fatima's Eviction didn't move her one bit because she was sly "always pretending to be Elikem's friend yet she's interested in him."

12:30 - Pokello says Feza is intimidated by her. "I like Elikem a lot and he has put it out there that he's like to be in a relationship with me but I have my reservations."

12:20 - Diaries: Angelo tells Biggie that he hopes his relationship with Beverly will progress.

11:35 - Pokello and Sulu show off their seductive dance skills.

10:50 - "We've reached a stage of no remorse. A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do," Sulu shouts in the lounge just after Nominations.

10:47 - Sulu puts up his 'sister' Natasha. "It's no longer about sister what what, it's a game," Sulu said. He puts Pokello because she's a competitor.

10:45 - HoH Oneal wants Pokello and Elikem out of his House. "Of all the strong contenders, Elikem is the one compromising around me," he says.

10:36 - Angelo Nominates Elikem because he Swapped him last week and Natasha for being an opportunist. Elikem also nails Natasha because "she apologises when she's not supposed to. He also puts Sulu up.

10:34 - Ruby Nominations have started and Selly nails Oneal as HoH and Pokello. Natasha puts on/off lovers Elikem and Pokello for gossiping about her while Pokello Nominates Natasha for being a gossip as well and Sulu for being her competition.

10:16 - This is how the Diamonds Nominated:

Beverly: Annabel and Cleo
Nando: Melvin and Cleo
Dillish Nando and Cleo
Melvin: Cleo and Nando
Cleo: Melvin and Beverly
Annabel:Bimp and Cleo
Feza:Annabel and Cleo
Bassey:Annabel and Feza
Bimp:Annabel and Melvin

10:00 - Melvin is the Diamond HoH for the second time in a row following Hakeem's Eviction last night.

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