Feature: Keagan The Troublemaker?
Fri, 01 Jun 2012 13:00
Feature: Keagan The Troublemaker?
As more housemates exit the Big Brother house more and more of those that are left behind are starting to come out of their shells none more so than Keagan.

The South African housemate appeared to be quiet and reserved when he first arrived in the Downville house. But lately it has become apparent that Keagan is to trouble like fish is to water. Whenever there is mischief in the house more often than not he is at the centre of it.

His latest bit of troublemaking was a prank that involved Keitta and shaving cream. After today’s tasks challenge Keagan decided to take out his boredom on one half of the Ghanaian couple. An unsuspecting Keitta had been sleeping in bed when Keagan and his partner in crime, Edith sneaked up on him with shaving cream.

The two giggled like naughty schoolchildren as Keagan sprayed the shaving cream on Keitta’s torso and face. After a while Keitta was woken up by the commotion, he appeared to be dazed and it took a few seconds before he realised what had just occurred. Still half asleep he wiped the cream off his face before fell right back to sleep.

“You are going to be in trouble,” Edith warned her prank buddy. But luckily for outgoing the Downville Head of House while this latest bit of mischief means he may not be Keitta’s favourite person at the moment, it will not land him in hot water with Big Brother unlike his camera tampering stunt. Keagan’s antics may not win him favour with some of the housemates but it sure is entertaining to watch. So the only question that remains now is: What other tricks does this troublesome housemate have in store? Only time will tell.

What do you think of Keagan is he a troublemaker?


By Lihle

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