Task: Barbz and Malonza Are New HoH
Fri, 01 Jun 2012 12:00
Task: Barbz and Malonza Are New HoH
Barbz has become the first Upville member to win the Head of House title twice. An unsurprised Barbz purred “I knew it,” after Big Brother made the announcement.

In Downville it was Malonza who took the title. In contradiction to Barbz reaction, Malonza was startled by the announcement he jumped out of bed and exclaimed profanities before rushing down to join the other housemates in the kitchen.

Biggie is always throwing curveballs at the housemates and for today’s task he put to test their “mental clocks”.

The housemates were instructed to go outside and sit quietly on the grass and once the alarm rings they were to only get up and walk away after an estimated amount of time. Upville had to wait for 17 minutes while the Downville folk had to wait for 29 minutes. With no clocks or watches in the houses, it was up to each housemate to guess how long they had been sitting and it would be the housemate that was closest to the correct time that would win the challenge.

In both houses the housemates sat patiently while basking in the sun. In Upville Roki was the first to get up but it was Barbz who got up limping just after 17 minutes beating out her BFF Zainab by only a few seconds. After they had all returned inside the housemates initially predicted that it would be Goldie who would take the title again.

In Downville housemates returned inside one by one and they also took turns making their own predictions about their HoH. In the end it turned out to be Malonza's mental clock that ticked at the accurate pace.

Now that Barbz and Malonza will be the Heads of House it will be interesting to see how housemates will be acting around them come Monday.

What do you think of Barbz and Malonza as the new Heads of House?

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