News: Angolans Cause Division
Tue, 29 May 2012 19:00
News: Angolans Cause Division
News of the Angolan pair finally leaving the game has divided the House into two solid camps.

Seydou and Esperanca have decided to start packing in preparation to exit StarGame due to irreconcilable differences.
Seydou's love interest, Talia broke down and uttered a series of slurs directed at Esperanca for pulling the plug on her man like this.

During her Diary session, Talia, who was still in tears, told Biggie how unfair and selfish Esperanca is. "She's just weak and can't stand by herself on her own two feet," Talia added. Though Tamara and Seydou are not really on talking terms, she also felt Esperanca's move was unfair on Seydou and he didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

However, Jannette and Mildred told Biggie that Esperanca's feelings about Seydou were justified because they too hadn't seen him do any chores in the House. "He just sleeps all day but Esperanca also hasn't given herself up to have fun in the House. We all miss our families," Jannette said.

Eve told Biggie that Esperanca is like a sister to her and she had been encouraging her since she got into the House. She said some Housemates had been accusing her of pushing Esperanca to leave the House.

"I've been literally begging Esperanca to hold on and be strong," Eve said. Edith supported her sister and said she didn't know what to say to Esperanca because she had told them that her reasons for quitting involved family. "Who are we to tell her to ignore her child and her husband?," Eve quizzed.

Heartache, broken hearted!

The mood in the House has been sombre as Talia has been crying for over two hours and counting. She has been locked in Seydou's arms with her sister beside her since Seydou broke the news to her.

Whose side are you on and why?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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