Task: Football Fever
Tue, 29 May 2012 14:00
Task: Football Fever
The latest tasks has seen football fever sweeping through the Big Brother House.

When the housemates hear the siren one of them must run out and kick the balls into the goal posts. Once all five balls have been kicked they must be reset back on the markers for the next housemate. Each goal scored will contribute towards their points for the week.

Earlier in the day the Heads of House in both Upville and Downville read out the tasks. Housemates have already done some preparation for their task when they showed off their football dance. They will have to dance every time they hear the sounds of a crowd cheering and clapping and when they hear a whistle they will have to re-enact the scene of an injured player.

Both houses came to the decision of wagering 100%. This is a big gamble as it means should they fail their task they will stripped off all their shopping luxuries and Big Brother will only provide them with the basics.

During his diary session Prezzo expressed his discontent adding if he was Head of House he would have never agreed to wager that much. Prezzo also went on to accuse Goldie of getting a big head since being made HoH citing her argument with Lady May earlier today as an example of how her new found power was turning her into someone else.

It seems that Prezzo is starting to change his mind about his relationship with Goldie or maybe his ego feels bruised that his lady has authority over him and the rest of the housemates. Later on while outside in the garden the Kenyan rapper expressed interest in pursuing something with Zainab as the two flirted shamelessly.

Downvillers though seem quite happy with their percentage for the wager, none of them have made any complaints and they definitely had lots of fun taking part in the task today. It will be interesting to see if the housemates if in the end the gamble that both houses have chosen to take will be worth or prove to be a huge mistake.

Do you think it was wise for the housemates to wager 100%?

- By Lihle

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