News: Maneta and Roki Saga Continues
Tue, 29 May 2012 09:00
News: Maneta and Roki Saga Continues
In the wee hours of the morning Maneta woke Roki up to have a heart to heart.

As the two chatted the Zimbabwean beauty didn’t seem bothered at all by the fact that her fellow countryman was walking around half naked.

Roki has made no secret of his attraction to Maneta from the moment that she stepped into Upville. At first Maneta seemed quite put off by his advances and made it clear that she was not interested in him. But lately she has had a change of heart with the two even cuddling in bed the day before eviction night. Maneta had been up for elimination along with her gossip buddy Mampi and the eccentric Lady May.

In the end it was the Zambian booty shaker Mampi that was sent home on Sunday night. Now that is Mampi is gone, Maneta has been left without an ally and it is essential for her to make friends with some of the other housemates if she wants to avoid being put up for nomination when Upville is up for eviction again.

This is something Maneta is aware of and this budding relationship with Roki could actually just be part of her strategy to garner herself more support inside of the Big Brother house and gain favour with the viewers. After all they do say keep your friends closer and your enemies even closer.

What do you think of Maneta and Roki new found closeness, could it be love or is it just part of the strategy?

Heart to heart

- By Lihle

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