Diary Room: Feelings About Mampi's Eviction
Mon, 28 May 2012 14:00
Diary Room: Feelings About Mampi's Eviction
There are mixed feelings in Upville on Mampi's Eviction as it transpired in their Diary sessions.

For obvious reasons, Maneta said she was sad that Mampi had to go but she was glad because Mampi really wanted to go.
Barbz, Lady May, Roki and Zainab shared Maneta's sentiments too. "I thought she was great. I'll miss her because I love juice, I love gossip," Barbz confessed.

She added that she didn't think anyone had Mampi's guts to say exactly what they feel about the Housemates there and then. Barbz added that she wasn't sure where her next gossip dose would come from and she didn't have much faith on Maneta either who was very tight with Mampi.

Lady May was more concerned about the fact that Mampi would see that she had betrayed her by nominating her and that made her feel awkward.

However, for Goldie, Prezzo and DKB Mampi's departure was basically good riddance.
Goldie said she couldn't put her feelings into words but confessed to have been slightly sad but relieved too because she was feeling a bit uncomfortable with Mampi around.

Meanwhile, DKB told Biggie how relieved he was when Lady May was saved from Eviction after he had swopped himself and put her on the chopping block. "It was a serious and delicate gamble and I would have been miserable if she hadn't survived," he said.

However, Prezzo and Zainab didn't buy DKB's reason for putting Lady May up for possible Eviction. "It was because Lady May is non-existent to him. She is the only one that he hasn't fought with," Prezzo said.

Zainab said DKB's reason for replacing himself with Lady May was "whack" adding that he is a snake. She added that she was surprised when Mampi left but she was scared for Maneta because she is not famous. "I like Mampi. I like people like her. I understand her because I have lots of sisters like her," Zainab said.

Roki said he felt like DKB's reason was sincere. "I'm a Lady May fan, I'm a groupie," Roki added.

Mixed Feelings!

The Starmates were concerned about Maneta now that Mampi has left but Zainab has offered to be there for her.

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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