News: DKB and Roki's Silly Argument
Sun, 27 May 2012 22:57
News: DKB and Roki's Silly Argument
Now that Roki and Maneta’s love/hate relationship has been full of more loving than hate.

DKB has become the latest victim to feel the wrath of Roki's fragile ego.

While the Ghanaian comedian thought with Mampi out of the house he was going to finally have some peace, Roki proved that there will still be plenty of drama and ego clashes in Upville even without Miss Thunder Thighs. Late into the night the Zimbabwean muso started attacking DKB for joking about smoking teabags.

Roki assumed that DKB was making fun of him and soon the two Upvillers were locked in a screaming match and DKB accused Roki of being insecure.

It turns out the joke was not even about Roki, as his new BFF, Zainab pointed out. It had actually been Zainab and Maneta who had started the joke to poke fun at Prezzo's frustration over Big Brother not providing them with cigarettes.

Eventually Roki apologised telling DKB "I'm sorry. You're right, I am insecure. It's because you're bigger than me."

What do you think of Roki’s tantrums, is it because he a sensitive soul or is he just a big baby?

-By Lihle

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