News: Bring Smokes or Else!
Sat, 26 May 2012 19:00
News: Bring Smokes or Else!
Edith was spitting fire because of the lack of cigarettes in the House.

The Botswana Housemate swore that if Biggie doesn't throw them cigarettes she'll flip. "I've got my daily needs and I'm getting agitated," she cursed.
She added that she was on the verge of breaking because smoking was basically her sanity. "My body is used to relaxing with a cigarette," she insisted.

The last time the Downville Diners smoked proper cigarettes was on Wednesday but some of them have been making a plan with Biggie's tea.

However, when Malonza suggested the tea-smoking remedy, she almost flipped and stressed that she would never be caught dead smoking anything but cigarettes.

The other Housemates said Biggie was just testing their patience and they would not break.

I can't stand this!

As for how far Edith will last without cigarettes, we can't tell but it seems like it won't be too long seeing as just yesterday she was complaining about being sex starved.

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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