News: List of Loafers Causes Drama
Fri, 25 May 2012 15:00
News: List of Loafers Causes Drama
Tempers flared in Downville after some Housemates found out they were on the lazy list.

Earlier in the day, Tamara was a bit fickle about writing the list but Edith insisted on it stressing that no-one had brought a maid into the House.

"They must not eat when we cook. They must cook for themselves because I seriously won't dish up for them," Eve said.

The moment Mildred laid her hands on the list, she blew up. She took Tamara on about it and queried why she hadn't been confronted.

Tamara didn't understand why Mildred was so upset and the girls were immediately at each other's throats. Mildred's man, Keitta tried calming her down while Malonza and Talia were pinning Tamara to the opposite end of Mildred but they would not stop shouting and screaming at each other.

Junia and Jesica were equally aggrieved and threw their slurs at the list-writers as well. Once the Housemates had calmed down, Eve tried explaining how the list had come about but that didn't help as the issue had been blown out of proportion.

Though Eve apologised for her role in the whole issue, the division between the Downville girls is distinct now. There's Eve, Edith, Tamara and Talia on one end then there's Mildred, Junia and Jesica on the other side.

How The Issue Started!

We're still not sure which side Jannette and Esperanca are on though. Whose side are you on?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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