News: Seydou Costs Downville!
Wed, 23 May 2012 21:10
News: Seydou Costs Downville!
Downville was slapped with yet another alcohol ban in the evening after Seydou gave up on his punishment.

Just as the Housemates were taking a break from cleaning up their dance routine, Biggie threw in the dagger.

Big Brother said the Housemates were due for a serving of alcohol tonight but because Seydou decided to ignore Big Brother's punishment to find the needle in the haystack, which would no longer happen.

"I hope Housemates are familiar with the phrase all for one and one for all", Biggie's statement read.

However, this didn't really faze the Housemates as according to Eve "We're used to this House not having alcohol."
Seydou tried to justify that he had tried his utmost best to find the needle to which the Housemates agreed. "We all know that finding a needle in hay is impossible," Seydou added.

Meanwhile, further afield in Upville Maneta was upset about the punishment. During her Diary session, Maneta presented the needle to Big Brother but expressed that she felt like Biggie was mocking her disability.
"I stated that I have bad eye sight and I even wear glasses but not here because they give me a bad headache," Maneta mourned. She decided to end her Diary session prematurely after Biggie told her that there was nothing like serving punishment based on disabilities.

Barbz also managed to rummage through the haystack and found her needle. The three were punished for microphone infringement.

No Alcohol!

Will we be seeing any more breaking of rules after this harsh punishment?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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