News: Are the Housemates Getting Lazy?
Wed, 23 May 2012 16:30
News: Are the Housemates Getting Lazy?
There was one complaint that came up across both Houses, during their respective Diary sessions. Laziness was brought up by almost every Housemate.

Are people getting tired? Have they had enough? Has laziness always been there but is just escalating? According to certain Downvillers, Laziness is the number one cause of all the fights and chaos. This is possibly why Keagan gets so frustrated all the time. "I’m going to end up doing some weird stuff in this House. You asked me to convey a certain message to people. Everyone keeps doing their own thing, after I keep asking them and asking them. People are acting like babies, so I have to shout at them. People think I'm condescending. I have to swear at them just so that they can listen to me. They don't take me seriously and are lazy. When 16 people are kicked out of the house, I’ll be happy," he said.

While Alex and Malonza were in the Diary Room, Alex said that "a big problem in the House is laziness. People are not respecting each other and they want to kill each other. Everyone has an excuse for everything."

Upville's Barbz was the first VIP to talk about the issue, and seems quite annoyed with her fellow Housemates.

Even though Downville is battling with laziness, it looked like they were all doing very well with their Tasks. They were all participating while dancing and singing. Do you think they will win this Task? The VIPs, however, were not as cheerful and co-operative, which first caught the attention of Barbz.

Working together

-By Charlotte Tshabaesele

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