Nominations: Who's Up For Elimination?
Mon, 21 May 2012 21:00
Nominations: Who's Up For Elimination?
Tonight's Nominations revealed that DKB, Mampi and Maneta are up for elimination this week.

Mampi has six votes, DKB three and Maneta three. Goldie and Barbz can relax, as they were the most stressed earlier on. Goldie even got all dressed up and ready. DKB, however, is very lucky to be the Head of House, as he has the power to nominate someone in his place. He's decided on Lady May.

What do you think of Upville's first nomination? Are you happy about who's leaving and who's staying? We all know that Zainab is most probably the happiest as she can't stand Maneta.

Watch this Sunday's Eviction show to see your favourite/worst VIP leave the house.

Mampi and Maneta

-By Charlotte Tshabaesele

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