Diary Room: Zainab's First Upville Diary Session
Mon, 21 May 2012 18:00
Diary Room: Zainab's First Upville Diary Session
With Zainab as the newest Housemate to enter Upville, her first diary session in the 'big house' was much anticipated. When asked about her first day in the house, the first thing she said was "it's boring." Sound familiar? Maneta told Big Brother the same thing during her first Upville diary session.

While everyone thought Upville was the place to be, it seems like Downville has claimed that title. We all know how fun-loving Zainab is, so being in Upville is currently a disappointment for her. However, we predict that Zainab will no doubt bring some action to the place.

"Upville is boring, and the people are mature. I'm not used to it," she said. When asked about what she thinks about the other Housemates, she said "I like DKB. We have similar personalities. Roki is weird but cute, and Prezzo is really cool." She said that she gets along with the guys better and enjoys being with them more than the girls. "My two favourites are Roki and DKB," she said.

When asked about what she thinks of Maneta being in the house, she said "I didn't think Maneta would be here. I thought it woulod be Julio or Hilda. I don't know how Africa votes. I'm so surprised." She then said that she and Maneta don't get along very well and that Maneta doesn't have a brain. "I don't think we'll be friends, I don't trust her and I don't want to be too close to her. I don't think people here like her either, and I think she'll be up for nomination. In Downville I did so much drama and fighting, but here I just want to chill, so I don't want to get involved with her."

Big Brother then asked about Dalphin, to which Zainab responded "I miss Dalphin so much. She's a nicer person than I am and I don't understand how I get to be here and she doesn't. She wanted this more than anything. If I happen to get anything out of this, we'll be together forever."

Apart from missing Dalphin, she said that she genuinely misses Downville, especially Eve, Ola and Chris.

While Prezzo was in his diary session, he said that Zainab is nice. "She's fun and not like some of the older women who are uptight. Zainab will put the ladies in their place. She'll bring life into this house."

Zainab's first opinion on Upville

By Charlotte Tshabaesele

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