Daybreak: Nomination Predictions
Mon, 21 May 2012 10:12
Daybreak: Nomination Predictions
We have a hunch no one slept a wink last night because of the looming Nominations.

For the first time since StarGame began, Upville will be given the opportunity this afternoon, to Nominate their fellow Housemates for possible Eviction on Sunday. This obviously is a big deal. After two weeks of dramatic outbursts from our Starmates, with no Nominations whatsoever, it is pretty clear that many have been waiting for the opportunity to get rid of some of their fellow Housemates.

The big question though is; who will pull the trigger at whom? This is how it could possibly go!

Barbz: Prezzo, without a doubt. It is no secret that these two are not on good terms following Prezzo's sensational outburst about Barbz age and lack of career. DKB could be her second choice because of his involvement in a lot of the gossip in the House.

Prezzo: Prezzo might pull the trigger at South Africa's Barbz. These two do not see eye-to-eye. Mampi could be his second choice for possible Eviction.

DKB: I have a feeling the Ghanaian comedian will not hesitate to put Mampi on the chopping block. After all, she is the one who created drama by spilling the beans, resulting in the Gossip Crew being ‘outed’. Maybe Prezzo too? We'll have to wait and see. DKB is lucky though because he is Head of House this week. This means he can choose to use his 'Save and Replace' powers to keep himself in the game.

Lady May: Lady May has been getting along with most of her fellow Housemates so this one will be hard. Maybe Prezzo and DKB?

Maneta: This is a tough one. Maybe Goldie and Lady May?

Goldie: The Nigerian lass is definitely not Nominating Prezzo. It would come as a big surprise if she did. She might Nominate Mampi and Roki though.

Roki: Honestly, anything is possible with the Zimbabwean Housemate. We will just have to wait and see.

Mampi: DKB is on her hit list without a doubt. She could possibly Nominate Prezzo as well.

Zainab is exempt from Nomination this week seeing as she entered Upville just last night.

These are just my personal predictions and are no indication of how the Nominations will go.
What do you think?

- By NgettyD

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