News: Lovers Tiff!
Sat, 19 May 2012 20:35
News: Lovers Tiff!
The only official StarGame couple got into their first argument since they entered the House.

Ghana's Keitta and his girlfriend Mildred got into a fight, which Mildred blamed on Keitta's insecurity. The couple was part of the group of Downville Housemates who were sitting in the bedroom confessing who they would jump into bed with.

Uganda's Kyle revealed he would definitely get busy with Mildred if Keitta was not in the House. Everyone seemed amused at Kyle's bold assertion, including Mildred's boyfriend. It all went downhill however, when Kyle asked Mildred what she looks for in a man.
Keitta and some of the other Housemates went into a discussion about Mildred's ex, who happens to be a soccer star.

Mildred did not find any talk about her previous lover amusing at all and promptly fired insults at the guys, Keitta included. When everyone left, Keitta scrambled to her side, offering a thousand apologies and a kiss.

Mildred did not seem keen and ignored him. She lay in bed by herself and urged Keitta to leave her be.
Trouble in paradise?

Keitta apologises

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