Task: Victory in Upville, Sorry Downville!
Thu, 17 May 2012 19:20
Task: Victory in Upville, Sorry Downville!
The Downville Diners lost their 75 percent Wager while Upville was on a high after nailing their 100 percent Wager.

Though both Task presentations were amazing, it was how they faired in the week's Tasks that mattered.

Big Brother jokingly expressed concern on how the Downville Diners see Biggie on a night out but what was worrying was how the Housemates had failed to guard their Avatar.

Biggie was however impressed with the Hour Glass Task and how they had kept the "I Love Biggie" wheel turning.

All in all, that was not enough and Biggie made it clear that losing the Avatar had been the deal-breaker.

Meanwhile, in Upville, it was not just their detailed, rehearsed and polished presentation that won them their 100 percent Wager; the team had done equally well in their week's Tasks.

What a Performance!

Will this be a wakeup call for Downville to be more focused? Will the already inflated egos in Upville burst resulting in them being lax?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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