News: Zainab and Seydou: The Fight Continues!
Thu, 17 May 2012 17:45
News: Zainab and Seydou: The Fight Continues!
After his first diary session today, Seydou rested on his bed but was soon confronted by a huffed-up Zainab, who surged into the room with a mouthful of accusations.

The confrontation between the two stems from last week when they fought about “Barbaric eating habits” and “50cent wannabes”. Whilst yelling profusely at each other, Seydou told his fellow Housemate that she's “broke” and “stupid”. He referred to her as not knowing anything because didn't go to university, whereas he claims to be proficient in five languages and has a degree from a London University.

"I’m a graduate, I have my own business. You are broke - you are nothing," he said. Zainab retaliated by asking him what's wrong with being broke and that, in fact, that's exactly her reason for being in the House: to win money.

She repeatedly shouted, "What's wrong with being broke? If you are so rich then what are you doing here?" Seydou then told her that he's rich and asked her what kind of job she has. Zainab told him that she's a model and she's been featured in Vogue and Marie Claire, to which Seydou sarcastically said, "Being a model is not a job… You really need brains to be a model."

The yelling and insults stopped when Big Brother called Zainab and Dalphin into the Diary Room. A very emotional model sat in the chair with her head down. Biggie reassured Zainab and Dalphin that he had reviewed all the footage, and that no sign of intentional violence was seen.

He also added that he can therefore not take any action against any Housemate. Zainab responded by telling Biggie that he's being unfair. "This is crazy, this is unfair. Seydou did hit me," she claimed.

Big Brother told her that actually Zainab lunged at Seydou, who then grasped her wrists to thrust her off him. Big Brother mentioned that there was a hint of a dab at Zainab’s chin, but this was not an intentional result but rather outcome of the interaction they had. To Big Brother that does not constitute an action needing recourse or punishment, let alone banishment form the Big Brother House.

A very overwhelmed Zainab then said that she wants to leave the House. Big Brother told her that she has 24 hours to think about it, and that she needs to consider her partner, Dalphin as well. Biggie offered Zainab a psychologist to which she quickly retorted, "No, I am not crazy."

Seydou and Esperanca were next in the Diary Room. Seydou said that he's tired of Zainab provoking him. "She’s always picking on me and I don’t have patience for that, especially when people curse my family. I have never started cursing her like she curses me. I didn't do anything to her. I got out of the Diary Room and went upstairs and she followed me."

Seydou then told Big Brother that if Zainab doesn't stop then he too will voluntarily leave the House. Big Brother suggested restraint from provoking one another as recourse to the matter.

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