News: Life after the BBA StarGame
Mon, 20 Aug 2012 17:00
News: Life after the BBA StarGame
It’s been almost three weeks since Big Brother StarGame came to an end, and we still can’t get enough of the housemates.

After South Africa’s Keagan walked off with the $300 000 cash prize, we caught up with him and he shared his future plans with us.

He also revealed some juicy information about his affair with fellow housemate Talia in a recent interview, telling Kuli Roberts that they had sex five times while in the house.

Keagan also told Kuli about his plans for the prize money and claimed that he had not known what Big Brother was about before he ended up in the house.

Watch the interview below:

Viewers were left wondering about Keagan’s romance with Talia after the show came to an end. Well wonder no more, because Talia laid the rumours to rest about their post-StarGame romance.

Meanwhile, runner-up Prezzo hasn’t faded into the background. He arrived back in Nairobi to a hero’s welcome and a fantastic party to boot.

Prezzo’s passionate liaison with Goldie also raised a few eyebrows, and after the show the Kenyan rapper denied using the Nigerian pop star for his own agenda. Goldie attended Prezzo’s homecoming party, this after he stayed true to his word that she would visit Nairobi.

StarGame favourite Lady May kept viewers guessing as to what she would do next. From sleeping outside and dancing, or was it rolling around on the ground, to exercising in pink heels, Namibia’s darling was perhaps one of the quirkiest housemates. In a recent interview with DStv Online, she explained her persona and motives during the show.

Rounding off the final four was Uganda’s Kyle, who insists not winning the prize isn’t the end for him. And it’s clearly not the end for some of the other StarGamers who left the show early on. Chris, Ola, Jeannette, Keitta, Zainab and Seydou will all grace the catwalk for the Glitz Africa Fashion Week.

We clearly haven’t heard the last of our favourite StarGame housemates.

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