News: Is DKB a Snake?
Sun, 13 May 2012 18:45
News: Is DKB a Snake?
We have said this before, but we will say it again! There is definitely something in the water in Upville.

As Barbz licked her wounds following a verbal thrashing last night (during which she was called a career-less granny) courtesy of a sozzled Prezzo, another female Starmate got the verbal elbow to the jaw this evening. Live Eviction Show jitters perhaps?

Mampi was called everything from insecure, to man looking b**** by DKB, who got riled up after Mampi told him he is a snake with major issues.

The two went at it for close to 30 minutes, leaving their fellow Housemates scrambling to keep them from lunging at each other.

Clearly unaware that today is Mother’s Day, Mampi retorted by involving DKB’s mother, leaving an already ticked off DKB, furious.

DKB then stormed off and jumped into the shower, in an attempt to cool off.

Of Weaves and Snitches

- By NgettyD

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