News: Roki In Love With Lady May
Sat, 12 May 2012 13:00
News: Roki In Love With Lady May
Roki spent half his morning expressing his deep feelings for Lady May - whose walk he compared to a leopard's.

Roki and Prezzo sat outside in the garden, talking about the girls in the House. There was only one girl on the Zimbabwean Housemate's lips; Lady May. Roki gushed about how sweet, street smart and talented she is. "Plus, she has a compact little body. I'm into that and it's pulling me in", he confessed. Prezzo listened with interest as Roki went to town about the Namibian Housemate.

He also couldn't resist throwing in a couple of compliments.

Roki's admiration for Lady May could not be contained and when she made an appearance, he told Prezzo "There's always a sub-frequency hum when she is in the vicinity".

Love is in the air

- By SereNgeti

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