News: Seydou and Esperanca Win
Thu, 10 May 2012 23:21
News: Seydou and Esperanca Win
After an emotionally draining week, Esperanca and Seydou finally found a reason to smile again, when Big Brother gave them a special gift for coming out tops during the Soap Task. Lady May and partner Roki came out tops in Upville.

Yesterday, Housemates had to pair up and soap each other down until they found the golden token hidden in the soap. The two Angolan's were the first of the Downvillers to crack the conundrum.

Seydou and Esperanca were called to the Diary Room this evening, where Big Brother congratulated them for their impressive feat. Biggie urged them to visit the Store Room for a special treat which awaited them. Seydou beamed with pride and quickly led Esperanca to the Store Room.

The two found a yummy takeaway waiting to be claimed, on the shelves. They then decided to share their prize with their fellow Housemates who dug in with verve!

Just 24 hours ago, the two were on their way back home after Esperanca toyed with the idea of a voluntary exit. Seydou managed to convince her not to give up too soon and tough it out.

California beaming

What's the moral of the story? Don't give up too soon. You never know what lies around the corner!

- By SereNgeti

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