Task: Housemates Victorious
Thu, 10 May 2012 21:16
Task: Housemates Victorious
After a chaotic start to their presentation, Downville pulled off a sweet victory for their first Task, which they wagered a confident 75 percent for.

For tonight's presentation, Big Brother had requested all the Housemates tell Africa about themselves in less than a minute, using Facebook profile format.

The Housemates sailed through their entertaining presentations, which were tied together by common thread; being horny. As each took to the stage, it became a battle of 'Horniest Housemate'. The Presentations revealed hedonists, players and flirts.

Over in Upville, the Starmates (who had initially Wagered 50 percent, but then upped the ante to 75 percent) put on a show worth remembering.

Roki's presentation was accompanied by startling sound bites, while Lady May turned on the drama. Clad in a black leotard and heels, Lady May made her presentation while perched atop her lover, her drum. She had a watering can in her hand which she used to water the grass below.

Mampi belted out a tune, while Prezzo showed off his family in his profile pictures. Barbz kept it simple and so did Goldie and DKB.

Lady May brings it

Check out our Video Gallery for footage of all the Housemates' presentations. Congratulations are in order for our StarGame contestants! Let the party begin!

- By SereNgeti

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