News: Drinking and Dishonesty
Wed, 09 May 2012 22:10
News: Drinking and Dishonesty
Backstabbing and drama are beginning to start in Downville. While lying in the bedroom, a few of the girls found out that there are lies and backstabbing happening. It has appeared that cultures and personalities are clashing. Hilda has been the loudest, as she found out that she is the most talked about.She said she has nothing against anybody so she doesn't understand why people are gossiping about her.

Meanwhile, the rest of the housemates were gathered outside, being loud, arguing and talking over each other. After calming down, the group decided to play a game of "Never ever." The game has proved to be quite dangerous, as the Housemates had to reveal truthful things about themselves. Most of the stuff they revealed was quite sexual and x-rated, but we guess that's what happens when you're drinking and having fun. With relationships on the horizon, Lee revealed that he isn't attracted to anybody in the house. Well, Lee, let's see if you manage to stick to what you say.

The atmosphere in Upville was much quieter. Prezzo, DKB, Lady May and Mampi were sitting and chatting outside on the couch.

Hilda Finds Out That People Are Talking About Her

-By Charlotte Tshabaesele

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