News: Lady May Brought The House Down?
Thu, 02 Aug 2012 21:12
News: Lady May Brought The House Down?
The Housemates could not stop talking about Lady May's dramatic Presentation this evening.

After all the Housemates had canvassed for votes, Big Brother opened the Store Room for Task Presentation goodies. Once everyone had settled in, the conversation shifted to Lady May and her dramatic Presentation. Some of the Housemates reckon she has a few screws loose. "She talks to herself and laughs in the bathroom sometimes," Keagan and Wati said.

Kyle added his own two cents worth. "We can be stupid at times, but she is downright crazy. It is unfair how she just went and did that," he said. Talia on the other hand told the boys Lady May is probably wild in bed. "When it's bang time, you know its bang time. She is crazy," Talia said.

Kyle even went to the extent emulating Lady May's killer performance, much to the amusement of the gang.
What did you think of Lady May's performance tonight?

Lady May shuts it down

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