Breaking News: Seydou Cannot Believe It!
Wed, 09 May 2012 15:17
Breaking News: Seydou Cannot Believe It!
Esperanca finally built up the courage to break the news that she is leaving the game, to her partner Seydou.

After initially running around in circles avoiding the issue, she grabbed Seydou by the hand and found a private spot in the garden. Voice breaking, Esperanca laid all her cards on the table, shocking Seydou, who clearly never saw it coming. "You can't do that. It’s only been four days", he said.

After recovering from the initial shock, Seydou quickly set about trying to convince the other half of the Angolan pair to re-think her decision to exit the House.

He pleaded with Esperanca, telling her she was not a quitter and needed to be strong. "It's not about us now, it's about Angola", he said. Esperanca tearfully listened to Seydou, who spent a good 30 minutes trying to convince her to change her mind. At some point, Esperanca broke into a smile in the middle of their conversation.

Seydou pleads with Esperanca

We are not sure whether this is an indication that Esperanca has decided to toughen up and stay put. Check back soon for more, as this story develops.

- By SereNgeti

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