Daybreak: Keagan And Talia In Bed!
Wed, 01 Aug 2012 09:00
Daybreak: Keagan And Talia In Bed!
Keagan attempted to keep Talia warm in bed last night.

After spending the whole week whispering and being generally evasive, Talia found herself in bed with Keagan.

The Zambian beauty was still recovering after a ferocious fight with Kyle. Kyle was offended after Talia implied that Jannette had actually given Wati a hand job.

As Talia prepared to call it a night, Keagan jumped in her bed, telling her he wanted to discuss a couple of things with her. The South African then attempted to get frisky with Talia, who did not seem too keen.

It seems Keagan has stepped up his efforts to pin down Miss Talia. Will he get a shot before Sunday?

Touchy Feely

- By NgettyD

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