Feature: The Top Six Need Your Vote!
Mon, 30 Jul 2012 16:20
Feature: The Top Six Need Your Vote!
Walking the last mile, ready to jump over the final hurdle are six strong StarGame contenders.

Three East African countries; Kenya, Malawi and Uganda and three Southern African countries; Namibia, South Africa and Zambia stand proud as their Housemates have made it to the finals. They are lucky to have made friends and fans from all over Africa who are already gunning to put them at the top.

Keagan, Kyle, Lady May, Prezzo, Talia and Wati are the last six standing after 29 Housemates from all over Africa fell by the wayside.

It is really anyone's game at this point and when they look around the House this week, they will know for sure that one of them will be walking out of the game US$300 000 richer.

An entrepreneur, a graphic designer, an intern manager, a journalist and musicians, who will you place your vote on? The good thing with the Big Brother game is that it has nothing to do with your profession or qualifications but how well you entertained the viewers, how well you did "you" as the Housemates always say.

Their Journey So Far!

This is your choice Africa, the final six have been selected by you and now you can cast that vote and hand your favourite player a cool US$ 300 000.

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

Your Big Brother StarGame Finalists are Keagan, Kyle, Lady May, Prezzo, Talia and Wati. CLICK HERE to vote for your WINNER!

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