News: Rapper Nas Makes StarGame Appearance
Thu, 26 Jul 2012 18:40
News: Rapper Nas Makes StarGame Appearance
Prolific American rapper Nas made an appearance in the Big Brother House early this evening as a ONE Campaign celebrity ambassador.

Overwhelmed does not even begin to describe the state of the Housemates as the popular Hip Hop star popped up on the TV screen. “I have no doubt that in your heart of hearts you want to see Africa become the jewel of the world and I have no doubt that you can be the change that you want to see,” he enthused.

After seeing the rapper’s special message to them the StarGamers were in disbelief as Wati exclaimed “Nastradamus” repeatedly meanwhile Talia mused: “This is some big stuff guys, this is huge.” Rapper Prezzo tried to get Big Brother to play the video again but to no avail.

Nas is one of many celebrities that have made an appearance in Upville this week as part of the ONE Campaign Task.

Nas, to the Motherland

By Lihle

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