Task: Compost Bin Construction
Wed, 25 Jul 2012 12:50
Task: Compost Bin Construction
For the first Task of today the Housemates must create a self-sustaining compost bin.

As part of this week’s ONE campaign Task today will see the Housemates learning more about composting. The StarGamers were provided with all of the tools and materials necessary to manufacture a compost bin. Throughout their Task, for each step that they take they will have to explain to Big Brother what it is that they are doing. For the duration of their stay in the House the StarGamers will have to make use of the compost bin for recycling all of their natural waste and to grow vegetation in their Thrive Garden.

Hopefully by the end of today the Housemates will have mastered the art of composting as their 100% Wager depends on it.


By Lihle

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